36 Fat Blasters - Quick Routines to Burn Fat & Lose Inches SKU: 04201957

The 36 Fat Blasters program burns unhealthy body fat, pounds and inches with circuit and interval routines.


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With this workout program, you’ll find the structure and variety you need to start (and stick with) your fitness goals. The workout is adaptable to all fitness levels. You’ll be tested as you progress—and you’ll see the results! If you're wondering what a fat blaster workout consists of click here for an example. Designed as a stand-alone program the 36 Fat Blasters routines also serve as a companion to the Total Body Transformation Program. The 36 Fat Blasters consists of three phases, which are easy to follow and formatted similar to the Total Body Transformation. It’s simple; complete a Fat Blasters routine on designated cardio days (plus one additional day of your choosing). The 36 Fat Blasters program consists of three phases and works seamlessly in conjunction with the Total Body Transformation.