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14-Day Abs Challenge Calendar

If you’re looking to tone and strengthen those core muscles, check out our newest 14-day Abs Challenge!

14-Day Get In Shape Program for Beginners

This training program for beginners is great for anyone who wants to get in shape but isn’t quite ready for intense moves. 

15-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Routine

This bodyweight HIIT workout routine alternates short bursts of intense exercise with quick rest periods and incudes some of our favorite no-equipment moves.

21 Day Slim Down Challenge
Exercise combined with healthy eating, fat burning tips, dedication, and most importantly, planning, will help you get the overall results you've been aiming for. This 21 Day Slim Down Challenge incorporates all of these key factors to provide a perfect weight loss challenge.
21-Day Get Fit Plan Calendar

The 21-Day Get Fit Plan Calendar 3-week fitness plan includes daily bodyweight workouts designed to target the most important muscle groups in your body.

21-Day HIIT Challenge Calendar

The 21-day HIIT challenge workout plan consists of interval training, walking/jogging, and rest days. It’s easy-to-follow and the quick workouts are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend at the gym. 

21-Day Lose Pounds & Inches

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21-Day Toned Arm Challenge
23 Power Breakfasts

This Power Breakfasts ebook is your guide to enjoying easy, healthy, and delicious breakfasts every day of the week.

3-Step Weight Loss Program
30 Day Beginner’s Running Challenge
The key to great running and increasing your mileage is to be on your feet as long as possible. Our 30-day Beginner’s Running Challenge will make a you fall in love with running by day 15!
30-Day Abs and Butt Challenge

You’ll transform your body and improve your fitness in 30 days, using just 5 moves. The workout challenge starts with a basic workout fit for beginners. 

30-Day Bubble Butt Project

Our Bubble Butt Workout Plan consists of three butt-targeted workouts per week.

30-Day Get in Shape Training Plan for Beginners Calendar

This 30-Day Calendar will help you stay on track with your 30 day beginner's training plan and convenietly provides links to all the workouts, recipes, and clean eating options in the plan.

30-Day HIIT Challenge Calendar

If you’re ready to take your workout to a whole new level, do this 30-day HIIT challenge. The workouts target your whole body, so you know you’ll be working toward a head-to-toe transformation.

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge
This 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge will bring you the results you’ve been working hard for, but may not have been seeing.
31-Day Get Toned & Lean Calendar

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36 Fat Blasters (Kindle Version) - Quick Routines to Burn Fat & Lose Inches
The 36 Fat Blasters (Kindle Version) program burns unhealthy body fat, pounds and inches with circuit and interval routines.
36 Fat Blasters - Quick Routines to Burn Fat & Lose Inches
The 36 Fat Blasters program burns unhealthy body fat, pounds and inches with circuit and interval routines.
4 Week Total Body Workout Calendar
This 4-week calendar offers five series of workout styles to keep your body on edge. Variety forces your body to adapt. The better you are at adapting, the stronger your body becomes and the greater your results.
4-Week Body Weight Workout Program
In 4 weeks we'll teach you how to train, slim, tone, strengthen, blast fat and sculpt a work of art, all with your bare hands and feet.
4-Week Morning Fat Blaster Calendar
This 4-Week Morning Fat Blaster Calendar will help you to look lean and toned in just a few weeks' time.
4-Week Sleek Arms Challenge

This 4-Week Sleek Arms Challenge will target your biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulders to help you build muscle and tone all over your arms. 

6 Week Emergency Makeover Skinny Ms
6-Week Circuit and Interval style Training Program with 6 week meal plan
6 Week Walk/Run Calendar
This 6 Week Walk/Run Calendar was created to amp your cardio system, while boosting your metabolism, building strength, and bringing a new challenge to your workout routine.
7 Power Breakfasts
Energy Boosting Recipes the Whole Family will Love
7-Day Fat Burning Cardio Workout Calendar

This7-Day Fat Burning Cardio Workout is a challenge for anyone who wants to test and improve their endurance.  It’s a fat burning, heart racing program guaranteed to make you sweat.

7-Day HIIT Challenge Calendar

This 7 Day HIIT Challenge is an intense routine made with quick but efficient workouts. We use HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, to burn as many calories as possible in a short period of time. Download the calendar and complete the two workouts assigned each day.

8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program

Our 8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program is designed to get you those results while allowing you to workout from nearly anywhere.

99 Skinny Slow Cooker Recipes

Our 99 Slow Cooker Recipes ebook is your guide to transforming your eating habits by using clean, healthy ingredients and preparing them in the simplest way imaginable.

Beginner’s Weekly Workout Plan Calendar

This beginner weekly workout plan has simple but effective moves that will help you tone muscle, increase strength, and improve endurance.

Clean Eating Menu Planner
Clean Eating Menu Planner and Shopping List
Clean Eating Overhaul: 30-Day Weight Loss Program

Welcome to the Clean Eating Overhaul, 30-Day Weight Loss Program! The purpose of this program is to give you 30 days of clean eating, tips to stay prepared, and information about choosing healthful foods.

Diary of a Fit Woman 6-Week Workout Calendar

A 6-week fitness plan great for anyone who wants to start following a new, healthier lifestyle. Since it's so simple, it's particularly useful for beginners who want to get into the gym habit. Each day, you’ll have a simple 4-move workout using dumbbells or your own body weight plus cardio workouts twice per week.

Freezer Recipes: 55 Meals to Make Ahead

Two of the most important keys to developing a long-term, healthy eating lifestyle is to make sure you always have easy-prep meals on hand, so that you aren’t tempted by fattening takeout, and to use fresh, clean, whole ingredients that will keep you fueled.

HIIT Workout Calendar
This calendar focuses on HIIT workouts to give you fat blasting and body toning results in just 4 weeks.
Mix & Match Lunches Under 500 Calories

Over 200 low-calorie lunch options that will keep you on track with your clean eating meal plan!

New You Workout Plan for Absolute Beginners Calendar

This weekly routine is the ideal workout plan for absolute beginners!  It uses no fancy equipment, just a mat and light dumbbells. 

Quinoa: Superfood Recipes for Weight Loss

Learning to cook with quinoa is simple, and will lend invaluable protein, fiber, and nutrients to your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.

Running Program For Beginners
Go from a total beginner to a veteran runner!
Skinny Ms Running Schedule

Go from absolute beginner to running a half-marathon in 18 weeks!

Skinny Ms. 4 Week Slow Cooker Calendar & Grocery List

Take the guesswork out of meal planning with this 4- Week Slow Cooker Calendar and Grocery List.

Skinny Ms. 6 Week Flat Belly Program
Congratulations on taking the first step toward change with our 6 week program to tighten all sides of your belly. Consider the 6 Week Flat Belly Program a gift to your future self. Today’s commitment will reward you with a renewed view of yourself. After completing this program, your vision of your belly, and your body, will transform.
Skinny Ms. Collection Holiday Desserts

Ring in the holidays with our favorite simple and delicious Holiday Dessert Recipes. This book of 29 clean eating desserts will satisfy every one of your seasonal cravings, from pumpkin and ginger to chocolate and cinnamon!

Skinny Ms. E-Book Bundle

Total Body Transformation, 36 Fat Blasters and 23 Power Breakfasts

Skinny Ms. Fast Workout Calendar and Playlist
People say everything worth having takes time and nothing great comes in a short period of time. We're here to prove them wrong. The number 4 is going to be your favorite for a little while. 4 weeks. 4 minute workouts. 4 minute songs; we've created the perfect calendar for you.
Skinny Ms. Recipe Collection

The Skinny Ms. Recipe Collection features 101 of your favorite recipes from

Skinny Ms. Recipe Collection & 6 Week Fitness Program Bundle

Get both the 6 Week Emergency Makeover Program and Skinny Ms. Recipe Collection to support your weight loss goals. Eat Good - Feel Good - Look Good.

Skinny Slow Cooker - 75 Clean and Healthy Recipes

Here at SkinnyMs., we know the drill. And better yet, we’ve figured out plenty of ways to make your meal planning easier with the help of the simple, incredible slow cooker. No more searching through bulky diet blogs, no more scouring the supermarket for obscure ingredients, and no more wasting your entire evening in front of the stove. Get the SkinnyMs. Skinny Slow Cooker cookbook today and get excited for meals again!

Spring Squat Challenge

The Spring Squat Challenge is an interactive calendar when used on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. 

It can be opened in Reader, Acrobat, or in a regular browser. On mobile it is available for view only. 

Superfood Shopping List
Let us help you to navigate grocery aisles with ease. Keep our “Ultimate Shopping List” of 50 superfoods handy, and you’ll feel good about the nutritious items filling your cart the next time you shop.
The New You Workout Plan Calendar

The New You Workout Plan weekly calendar will help you easily follow, keep on track, and stay committed to unveil a stronger, sexier you.

Three Day Cleanse & Detox Shopping List
You’re invited to join in on a three day cleanse & detox, designed to kick start your healthy eating plan and cleanse your system.
Total Body Transformation & Clean Eating Overhaul Bundle
Total Body Transformation Kindle Version
A 12-week fitness program to transform your body. Remove
Total Body Transformation Program

A 12-week fitness program to transform your body